Burn Fat, Elevate Mood, Increase Energy, Reduce Appetite, Enhance Memory, Increase Mental Clarity, Anit-Stress & Anxiety Effects, Provide Powerful Antioxidants, Control Sugar & Carb Cravings.  In my facial business, I have had the good fortune working with the Orange County Housewives, and being on TV with them. This experience has helped me become established in the beauty and facial industry. In addition, these women know how to make themselves beautiful on camera, along being fit and slim as I am sure you can imagine. Dieting, eating healthy, looking great is paramount to their careers,  The DOSE EXPERIENCE / Elevacity is a Superior way to Elevate All Four Hormones of Happiness!

This months SPECIAL

Contact us after a purchase of DOSE. You will now be honored with a free months worth of coaching. *up to $295 value. We are excited to start helping you today.

Small Business Opportunity 

We have all dreamed of owning a franchised company. Not only can you participate in this exciting opportunity, but we will get you established in your very own franchise company. Currently, we own several businesses. For a very small fee, we can get you started on your path in earning over six figures. Contact us for further information.

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